We work closely with our Technology Partners to provide the following Services:

Turnkey ICT Solutions

Our turnkey solutions typically go through four stages:

  1. Design
  2. Implementation
  3. Maintenance
  4. Technology Review

Our consultants will work with your organisation to help you design the right solution from the ground up. We start by analysing your specific business needs, look at your organizational structure and then provide the best solution based upon the software and equipment available for your budget.

During the design stage, we look at a number of factors associated with your business:

In the implementation stage we work toward bringing the new solution into your company with a minimum disruption of service. In this phase we perform the following services:

Where clients face budgetary constraints, we provide project plans that incorporate a phased approach. Because all of our network designs are scalable, we can start with critical infrastructure and business applications and add on additional features and services when your company is ready to bring them on stream.

Managed Services

Once your new IT environment is up and running, we can provide you with a variety of options for ongoing maintenance. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are customized to your needs. We can tailor an SLA for you at a number of levels:

PCI Compliance

Understanding the compliance requirements outlined in the PCI DSS can be daunting and exhaustive for any organization, by conducting a well-managed and executed PCI DSS gap assessmen will help bring your organization closer to compliance.

From solidifying your scope, to confirming your merchant level, scanning your network and checking off every requirement – all required steps will pave the way to the end goal of PCI compliance attestation. QSAs, ISAs or auditors will leverage all the work, artifacts and remediation plans produced as part of your gap assessment. This not only saves your time and resources since you are leveraging work already completed, but also builds your credibility with the audit community as an organization that knows what achieving compliance really means.

The remediation is the most time consuming part before the initial certification and after the certification you must be able to maintain compliance. This is where we can provide cost efficient resources that can ease your burden whether your are CISO or Compliance Officer. We also take a vendor neutral approach to remediation, meaning where possible we work with solutions and technoclogies already in place in your organization.

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